Oak Planting: We Must Learn to Return Nature’s Gifts That We’ve Received

We use wood on a daily basis, so we must take care of growing new trees too. After all, when we receive gifts from nature, we must learn to return them. Keeping the balance ensures the well-being of us all.

Sustainable Use is the First Step

Since it was founded, the Ecowood Group has been building a sustainable and responsible business. All members of the Ecowood Group — the Ecowood plant, Medžio Stilius in Lithuania, Styl Drzewa in Poland, Ecohardwood in the United Kingdom, the Dubava Sawmill in Ukraine and Oak Style — are united by passion and sincere respect for oak.

Our products are based on high-quality oak wood from carefully selected, responsibly managed European forests. In our day-to-day operations, we pursue the goal of sustainability by purchasing most of our raw materials from FSC®-certified suppliers. They conserve forests’ resources and guarantee responsible maintenance and reforestation. However, this is no longer enough.

Many of our employees are also foresters. Thus, we understand the importance of active contribution to maintaining a balance in nature. This is why we started restoring what man has taken from nature with our own hands.

Oak Planting Tradition

Each spring, Ecowood group’s employees meet to show their respect for trees by planting oak forests. We join forces to make sure that hundreds of new, solid and long-lasting oaks will grow on Earth in the future. This meaningful purpose helps us learn how to cooperate better and build stronger connections among different teams from various countries.

Usually, only one in ten oaks reaches maturity (the strongest remain). Thus, this year Ecowood group met in Lithuania to plant 4,000 oak tree seedlings.

We invited Vytautas — the former head of the “Medzio stilius” Vilnius branch — to teach us how to plant oaks correctly so they would have the best opportunities to grow. Vytautas has worked for the company for seventeen years but has recently returned to his first occupation — forestry. Now he is a forester at the Lithuanian State Forest Enterprise. Vytautas gladly agreed to share his knowledge with the employees of the Ecowood group. He became our guide again — this time in the context of oak planting.

National Tree-Planting

Nature has given man a gift that needs to be handled responsibly. With a careless approach to nature becoming more prevalent on Earth, annual tree-planting initiatives are even more essential. We are happy that on the weekend when we planted oaks in Lithuania, a national tree-planting initiative also took place. It was probably the most massive forest planting in the country, organized by the State Forest Enterprise in Lithuania. In the regional divisions of the SFE, trees were planted by companies, organizations, communities and individuals. 748 ha of forests were planned to be planted over the weekend. Thus, it was a strong statement from the whole Lithuanian population that a responsible approach to available resources and sustainable, environmentally-friendly activities become the priority for businesses and consumers.

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