A Unique Harmony in the Interior Inspired by Bali Island and Oak Patterns

Each interior, which features oak flooring, solid oak doors, or stairs, is as unique and unrepeatable as the natural patterns in the wood. “Oak Style’s” team works closely with designers from Lithuania and other countries as it can offer a wide range of wood colors and models. Everything is made to individual order, opening up opportunities to fulfill designers’ artistic and technical ideas. Customers also appreciate that it is possible to achieve an ultimate harmony of colors, textures, and shapes when assembling floors, doors, and stairs from one manufacturer. The new interior, designed by interior designer Dovilė Sakevičė, is a perfect example of the fantastic result of incorporating oak flooring and solid oak doors into the interior.


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Interior by Dovilė Sakevičė, photo by Benas Šileika


Oak Flooring – Nature and Warmth 

When visiting this individual two-story house surrounded by forest, the feeling and thoughts take you to the Bali island. Oak floor and solid oak door in the interior blend harmoniously with the exotic wood from which individual furniture and accessories are made. The predominant palette of earth colors creates the impression of a quiet, warm and cozy home.

Interior designer Dovilė Sakevičė masterfully combines natural materials. In her work, we find stone, delicate textiles, and wood – mostly oak. As the author says, “When choosing a floor covering, wood flooring is the most popular choice. Whether it is a 50 sq.m. apartment or a spacious house. Wooden, especially the oak floor, adds uniqueness, coziness, warmth and naturalness to any home. People who choose oiled wooden floors realize that little scratches or stains that appear over time are easy to renew, and the flooring is exceptionally high quality and durable. The oak floor is always enjoyable to walk barefoot on!”


Interior by Dovilė Sakevičė, photo by Benas Šileika


Subtle Luxury

In the interior of a cozy house, the designer remains faithful to oak – wood that brings in a feeling of subtle luxury. The house has expressive walnut-colored oak parquet boards, solid oak doors, and skirting boards. Solid oak stair cladding is the same walnut color as the floor. The armrest has integrated LED lighting from motion, and the handrail on the second floor is made of solid wood and glass, which adds lightness and does not complicate a small corridor.


Interior by Dovilė Sakevičė, photo by Benas Šileika

“Less is More”

As she puts it, the designer follows the essential rule that “less is more.” Combining solid oak doors, floors, and skirtings in the same color results in integrity, harmony, and an aesthetic environment. The expressive walnut oil is chosen, and the Rustic pattern is repeated throughout the interior. Walnut color is one of the most popular in the oak floor manufacturer’s “Oak style” range. The rich, warm, close-to-nature color of Walnut (3481) goes well with the more branched oak floorboards Rustic. All the creation of nature is right before us: texture, patterns in natural colors – there is not a single boring baseboard. The floor is an extension of the forest behind the window – the boundaries between the living space and nature disappear.

The impression is further enhanced by the solid oak doors. A sturdy, airtight, richly bright door against the background of a light wall creates an image of strength and solidity. There are no stand-out accessories, only restrained handles, because the vertical canvas of the oak opens up with beauty, variety, and naturalness.

Oak appears in unexpected places in the interior: a wardrobe with solid oak handles, oak veneer used for the facades of the bathroom cabinet, and a solid oak tabletop that compliments the kitchen design. The author does not hide that oak plays an essential role in the interior because its usefulness is broad. “Let’s appreciate the durability of the oak, the possibility of renewal, the pleasure of feeling the warmth of the tree, and we will realize that it is a great investment,” notes the designer.


The original article was published on in April’s issue.

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